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3 Important Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Lender Before You Sign

What Questions Should I Ask My Mortgage Lender Before I Sign?

Many real estate agents will recommend a loan officer to you.  It's because they have a working relationship with that person and know they will get the job done.  We know that no one is perfect, but is is important to do your due diligence and talk to the recommended professional even if you have been pre-approved by someone else or have a 'friend' in the business.  

When you speak to the loan officer, ask these 4 important questions:

How Credit Reports And Scoring Affect How Much House You Can Buy

Simply put, a credit score reflects how you pay your bills.  Having good to excellent credit is essential in the home buying process.  Please understand that just because you have good credit, doesn't mean you qualify automatically to get a loan for a house.  Here's what you need to know.

There is a buzzword in the mortgage industry.  Actually it's two words . . . Credit Scoring.

How To Save For A Down Payment On A Home

With interest rates down, many savvy consumers are taking a good long look at investing in a home of their own.  The benefits are big and the rewards of buying a home are long-reaching. For some consumers, a down payment is the only thing standing between them and the dream of home ownership.

In today's economy, it's not always easy to save the necessary funds to, not just get into a house of your own, but get a decent interest rate as well.

Here are some simple things you can put into your personal or family action plan for saving that down payment money in less time: