Wallington NJ events

Wallington NJ Town Wide Garage Sale

The  Borough  of  Wallington will be holding its Annual 2016 Town Wide Garage Sale
on Saturday June 11, 2016.
A resident may hold a sale from  8  a.m.  to  7  p.m.  on  this 
day without applying for a town permit.
All garage or yard sale items,  tables,  displays  and 
signs  must  be  removed  from the  premises  at  the  end  of  the 
sale day.

No food or beverages may
be sold or offered  ree at a yard
or garage sale.
A resident is permitted to  post  5  signs  around  the 
Borough  and  must  abide  by rules according to the Borough
The Borough will be posting the participating addresses
received by noon Wednesday,
June 8, 2016 at www.wallingtonnj.org
Any  questions  or  to  post  your Wallington home address
to [email protected]