Hudson County Community Links

Hudson County and The PalisadesHudson County lies west of the lower Hudson River and New York City and is part of New Jersey's Gateway Region in the New York metropolitan area. It serves as a major port of entry for immigration to the U. S. and is a major employment center.  As of the estimated 2014 Census, the county's population was 669,115, making it the fourth most populous county in New Jersey despite being the smallest in area.  There are approximately 13,731 residents per square mile.

Hudson County has an ambience all its own, with a robust and growing demographic and cultural diversity with respect to nationality, religion, race, and domiciliary partnership. Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Philippines, and India are the five most common nations of birth for foreign-born Hudson County residents. Jersey City is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world.

Photo: Hudson County and the Palisades, viewed across the Hudson River from Manhattan in the afternoon. Author: Arnold Reinhold.

Here are links to all of Hudson County's municipalities:

Jersey City
Union City
West New York
East Newark
North Bergen