Families On The Move

moving tipsMoving is often considered one of the most stressful things families go through and for good reason.

In today’s busy, 24/7 world, it’s hard to slow down long enough to get organized, packed and settled again in a new location.

Here are a few tips to help alleviate the stress on you and your family and help your move go as smoothly as possible.


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When possible, start planning your move 6-8 weeks before your targeted move date.



check markpacking boxes in moving truckContact friends or your real estate professional and get contacts for trusted moving services if you're not moving yourself.  Companies will provide you with estimates to help you approximate moving expenses. Such estimates can be binding (the mover guarantees the price prior to the move) or non-binding (the mover estimates the price and provides final changes after the shipment is weighed). To assist the movers in calculating the cost of your move, show them everything that needs to be moved, including the items in your attic, basement, and garage. Be sure you receive a written and signed copy of the estimate. Before packing begins, the mover will take an inventory of your household goods to be shipped. Since the inventory record is one of your most important shipping documents, make sure all copies are legible, and that all items are numbered, listed, and described correctly. Be sure to ask your moving company about its own policy, and ask for advice on packing materials and procedures.


check markCall your agent for answers to all of your real estate questions. We can help with selling your current house, finding you a new home, even relocation services – if you are moving out of the area. CENTURY 21 Semiao & Associates can help make your move as pleasant as possible. Contact your agent today on packing materials and procedures.



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