The Top 5 Things to do When Moving into a New Neighborhood

Moving into a new neighborhood can bring a mixed bag of emotions. With a million boxes to unpack, new services to set up and an unfamiliar environment to get used to, it can be a tough transition.

That’s why our team of real estate experts put together a list of everything you need to make the move easier for you. Here are five tips for moving into a new neighborhood.

Change the Shipping Address of Items You Receive Automatically

Before you leave your current home, you’ll want to change the shipping address of the items that arrive at your doorstep automatically to the address of your new home. This includes monthly magazine subscriptions, Amazon packages and any other products that may arrive within the coming weeks of your move. 

When it comes to your mail, request that your current post office forward your mail to your new address. You can ask to make this setup permanent or temporary.

Meet Your New Neighbors

Although meeting your new neighbors may seem a little awkward at first, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself in order to be friendly, join into the community and make connections with people who know more about your new town than you do.

Especially during the pandemic, be safe while meeting your new neighbors by wearing a mask and standing six feet away when they open their door. This way, you can politely introduce yourself into the community while practicing social distancing.

See What Your New Town Has to Offer

Act like a tourist in your new neighborhood and discover the best hangout places. From hip bars and restaurants to serene parks, you can explore what cool spots your town has to offer. You can even ask your neighbors what they’re favorite places are!

Install Top Security into Your New Home

Even if you live in the safest neighborhood in the world, you need to install advanced security. You can go with a security system that connects with your doorbell, so when someone approaches your door, you’ll have a video and audio recording, or you can invest in a large-scale system that protects your entire house. This way, if a thief breaks into your house, an alarm will go off and your local police will be notified. 

Pro tip: Talk with your neighbors to see what security systems they have installed! They’ll be able to tell you how safe the town is and what they recommend.

Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Your New Town

With a new neighborhood comes new rules. After moving in, you’ll need to find out what days your garbage and recycling are collected, what the parking rules are and other important regulations. For this, you can ask your neighbors or search on your new town’s public works website.

Are you looking to move into a new town? Let our real estate experts help! We’ll assist you in finding the perfect neighborhood to call your new home. For more real estate tips and tricks, browse through our blog!